OCReal or One click real estate is the answer to a broken & often opaque real estate transaction. We would like to offer a platform that allows for a seamless real estate transaction that covers all the different stages of a real estate transaction and provides the much-needed meaningful transparency into each transaction.

The company aims to achieve this via an User Interface that is interactive, fully AI & data driven, and a embedded communications platform that tracks all the communication between the involved parties allowing for greater accountability & transparency. #


OCREAL Benefits

Freemium Model

The company would like to build the platform & work with a freemium model. The most basic services will be offered free of charge, but the user will be charged for upgrades or concierge services.

The underlying technical model will a platform with different customer personas, each of which will get their own registration & home pages. Parts of the platform that require hevy computing like the AI models will be hosted on a cloud platform.

We plan to leverage the Amazon web services public cloud platform. Users can access this platform, and their content via the Internet by connecting to our website. OCREAL, provides many benefits:

• Makes available data driven free services like loan estimate tool, pre-approval help etc.

• Makes available paid concierge services wherein platform representatives act as middlemen with lenders, title companies, city etc.

• Post transaction services, and ability to connect with various contractors for improvement, home inspection etc via the platform.

• Access to a whole network of buyers & sellers enabling them to make off market transactions if they desire .

• Data driven options allowing customer to pick the best choice of real estate.

Following functions are enabled in the current implementation of OCREAL:

• A buyer home page that allows users to manage their portfolio, AI powered search for homes in various geographic locations, inquire & make offers on an interested property, work with lenders, track realtor performance, one click buying option making it easier to buy through the platform

• A seller home page that allows users to manage their portfolio, AI powered metrics for presenting a good time/good price to sell, track realtor performance, one click selling option making it easier to sell via the platform

• A realtor home page that allows realtors to manage their leads, manage their listings, start biddings, send marketing emails, track realtor performance, better visuals to compare offers etc