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    Producktive is a subscription based SAAS enterprise software aimed at
    improving productivity within within medium to large organizations.
    Most medium to large organizations has employees ranging
    from 500-25000 employees. It is of enormous importance that when
    organizations have teams of this size, and scale, that they strive
    to make employees productive. Productivity can be improved by employing
    a multi front strategy. Improving morale of the employees, providing
    a sense of purpose, allowing the company vision statement to percolate
    to the lowest rungs of employees, team-building exercises,
    bringing in guest speakers, face time with upper management etc
    are few methods we could employ to improve productivity.


project_talent_2.jpgOur Saas based offering focuses on few productivity improvement aspects, and provides a wonderful software platform for executives at organizations to gauge the productivity improvements, monitor various teams real time, and provide real time feedback for further improvements.

The reach of multi national companies has increased, and that supplied fodder to copycats. In this day, and age it is very easy to copy a business strategy from a competitor, and destroy the competitive monopolistic advantage the competitor has/had. What sets businesses apart, and allows them to maintain their competitive advantage is their ability to leverage the combined strength of their employees, and by developing a strong performance culture. By adopting an approach that combines business sense with behavioral insights, and enabling your employees with responsibilities outside their day-to-day tasks will result in significant improvement in the bottom line results, and overall happiness index of the employees.

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Performance Culture takes center stage in 21-century corporate world. What started with strategies, and assets has come down to innovation, and disruption. The floor employees are no longer the military style sub ordinates simply following chain of command. The floor employees, and their teams are the real innovators, and disruptors out there. Even though they are the decision makers, executives no longer have the luxury to take these decisions by themselves. They need to be constantly plugged in with their lower level employees to understand the trends, and be aware of the company’s strengths, and if they would be able to make a pivot.

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Products & Services

The company would like to offer this software as a subscription model. The underlying technical model will be the Software as a Service model, which will be hosted on a cloud platform. We plan to leverage the Amazon web services public cloud platform. Users can access this software, and their content via the Internet by connecting to our domain.

Initially, the plan is to offer just the Browser version wherein the software can be access by an Internet browser. Ultimately the company wants to allow the users to access their content via a mobile app, and allow them to have seamless sync across all user devices. A user could update notes on his mobile, see his feedback on a web browser on his laptop, make updates to his content on an Ipad.

Performance reviews, real time feed back, Goal alignment score will form the core features of the product. Once a short-term goal is achieved, and with a great alignment score mechanism offered by Producktive, the management can take lightning paced decisions on how to rate their employees. Using real time feed back feature, the management can provide real time feed back on line items discussed in a previous one-on-one session, track progress on the short & long term goals, and contribute to employees avoiding road blocks in their pursuit of their goals.

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